3.5. Using XSieve

To use XSieve, you need to know

To master the former, you need to read this manual in whole. For quick start see Section 6, “Examples”. This section is about the latter.

Upon installing XSieve, you get the program xsieve. This program is a wrapper for the XSLT processor xsltproc. The xsieve script just installs XSieve hooks and runs xsltproc.

Here is a simple example how to run XSieve.

$ $HOME/opt/xsieve/bin/xsieve -o output_file xsieve_xslt_file xml_file

For additional information on running xsieve or xsltproc, see an xsltproc manual or run the following command.

$ $HOME/opt/xsieve/bin/xsieve --help

You can use XSieve without installing it. After XSieve is compiled, the source tarball folder script contains the program xsieve_local. Use it the same way as xsieve.

$ ..../xsieve-X.X.X/script/xsieve_local --help